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Items Details
Item Title: lemon grass oil
Posted By : Dr. Kamini Singh
Item Type: Sell
State: Uttar Pradesh
Item Id: 1173
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Item Description
Heavy Metal: -
Plant part: -
Specification: Percentage of active marker / constituents: -
Time of Collection if collected: any time
Microbial Analysis - Shigella: -
Rate: 1450
Microbial Analysis - E. coli: -
Quality parameters / Certification: natural
Packaging detail: 25 liter pack
Microbial Analysis - Salmonella spp.: -
Product Description: natural lemon oil
Quantity: 1000 liter
Source: Cultivation / Collection: cultivation
Microbial Analysis - Coliforms: -
Microbial Analysis - Yeast and Mould: -
Time of Harvesting if cultivated: November
Extraction Type: oil
Place: lucknow
Description: Colour of powder/ extract: yellow
Identification: Positive for active marker / constituents: -
Semi processed product: oil
Microbial Analysis - Total Plate Count: -