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Items Details
Item Title: passiflora incarnata
Posted By : K. krishnamoorthy
Item Type: Sell
State: Tamil Nadu
Item Id: 315
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Item Description
Time of Harvesting if cultivated:: 45 days growth
Specification: Percentage of active marker / constituents: 100
Microbial Analysis - Yeast and Mould: nil
Plant part: stem and leaf
Identification: Positive for active marker / constituents: 100
Microbial Analysis - Total Plate Count: nil
Product Description: Dried and contamination manually removed
Description: Colour of powder/ extract: Green
Source: Cultivation / Collection: cultivation
Time of Collection if collected:: -
Rate: Rs 80 per kg
Microbial Analysis - Shigella: nil
Quality parameters / Certification:: organic
Microbial Analysis - Coliforms: nil
Packaging detail: gunny polypropylene bags
Microbial Analysis - Salmonella spp.: nil
Place: Orangur
Microbial Analysis - E. coli: nil
Quantity: 8 tons
Extraction Type: sunlight dried